PSE is a one-terminal airport. In 1987 the runway was by and by broadened, this opportunity to 6,900 feet (2,100 m). The traveler terminal was likewise renovated, a stage was worked for use by general flying just like another structure for the Air Rescue Unit of the Puerto Rico Police. The development gave 1,900 feet (580 m) extra length, just as 50 ft (15 m) extra width. Additionally, in the fall of 1992, the Puerto Rico Ports Authority spent another $6 million in enhancements to the terminal structure. These incorporated an extra 14,500 square feet (1,350 m2) space in the baggage carousel, movement, customs, traveler holding up territories, distributing zones, and Department of Agriculture establishments.

In 2007, the PSE air terminal served 251,000 travelers, with an expansion of 28% over the earlier year. Traveler development at the air terminal in F.Y. 2008 was 278,911, a 1,228% expansion over the financial year 2003 and the most noteworthy of all the local air terminals for that 5-year time frame.